“Unhealthy” Food Is Actually Healthy

Food science is constantly changing. Some foods were previously perceived first as a healthy, then as unhealthy, it is now considered again very good and useful for our health, such as:

Must Eat "unhealthy" Food

Coconut oil

The old belief: Coconut oil is a saturated fat bomb that should be avoided.
Popular belief: Coconut oil can cure almost anything.
Depending on how it is received, coconut oil can be processed and unprocessed. Unprocessed coconut oil is much healthier and helps lower cholesterol.
Because of its richness of lauric acid, can also be used as an antibacterial agent.
Thus, coconut oil is good for the human body both inside and out.


Whole milk

The old belief: Whole milk leads to overweight.
Popular belief: The opposite of old.
Maybe you find it hard to believe but it is true that the higher the probability that you will get fat from milk with less fat than from whole milk.


The old belief: Coffee or caffeine is very bad.
Popular belief: Coffee is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that affect the improvement of health.
As you all probably already know, caffeine increases energy, and it has been proven that improves the functioning of neurons and memory.
Coffee works well and metabolism, reduces the risk of diabetes and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.



The old belief: So increases blood pressure, causes hypertension and kills.
Popular belief: So has the essential importance for our health.
The new wisdom is actually older than the old, and the Romans considered the spice of life. Unprocessed salt contains more than 60 important minerals and improves thyroid function and metabolism.


The old belief: Popcorn is bad food.
Popular belief: Popcorn is rich in nutrients.
Microwave popcorn are bad, but domestic popcorn are very healthy. One study from last year has proven that domestic popcorn have more antioxidants than vegetables and fruits.



The old belief: From chocolate to get pimples and weight.
Popular belief: Dark chocolate is very rich in antioxidants.
Research conducted at the University of Cambridge have shown that chocolate probably reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.


The old belief: Eggs lead to clogging of the arteries and increase the risk of heart attack and diabetes.
Popular belief: Eggs are almost perfect food.
Eggs are rich in iron and protein, which is very positive effect on human health.


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  1. Hosting says:

    We’re constantly told not to eat some healthy foods—like bananas or whole eggs—for any number of reasons ranging from their amount of sugar to being packed with fat. The truth is, many of these foods have been log-jammed in culinary court, and it’s time their appeals were granted. Come on, don’t eat bananas? And what could be so wrong with potatoes? They actually have twice the potassium of a banana!

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