How sugar acts on the body?

Sugar that has been refined acts like a chemical inside the human body. Sugar is devoid of vitamins and minerals and it also does not contain any fat or protein. In other words, it does not have any nutritional value. All that it contains is lots of calories. Many people become addicted to sugar, which is why it has often been likened to a drug or narcotic. It has a special effect on the human brain.


Be careful with intake of sugar or no intake at all

People who try to eliminate sugar from their diets often report that they experience withdrawal symptoms, which include changes in mood, headaches as well as loss of energy. They also find it hard to sleep and they may also feel irritable and they can suffer from aches as well as pains and worse still their joints might start to swell.

The intake of sugar leads to experiencing a sugar rush, which lasts for a brief spell of time and it also helps us feel more energetic and happy. However, soon this rush disappears and it gives way to a sugar crash that makes you feel very tired and irritable. The end result is that after experiencing the sugar crash a person starts to crave for more sugar.

Perhaps one of the reasons why people crave sugar so much is because when we consume it, it releases endorphins, whose main effect is to make us feel good. When a person consumes sugar regularly, their bodies will start releasing endorphins. Over a period of time the body soon becomes unaware about its own endorphins and thus it makes us crave for more sugar.


If a person who has been consuming sugar regularly decides to cut it out of their diet, they will immediately experience withdrawal symptoms. Those who are addicted to this substance will consume plenty of it on a daily basis and if they do not take it every few hours, then it makes them feel tired and irritable.

The dangers of sugar use

Consuming sugar can prove to be detrimental to one’s health. It creates problems with building up muscles, which is why when one consumes sugar one is going to experience a lot of trouble trying to shed weight and build a body that is lean and muscular.

The intake of this dangerous substance can raise levels in the blood. It makes us feel energetic for a brief period of time and once the immediate effects fade away we will feel very fatigued. When the rush is followed by a crash a cycle develops that is repeated over and over again leading us to feel exhausted and we tend to exercise infrequently. The intake of sugar leads to a brief spike in energy and we also want to consume more sugar in order to feel good. The sugar in our body only creates more problems including diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis and diabetes. It causes vision problems and arthritis as well as heart ailments. The worse thing is that it makes age faster than we would normally age. High sugar intake leads to aging of the skin and it also causes wrinkles in the skin. Besides giving a temporary high, sugar does not do anything good for us.


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