Spices That Are Responsible For a Thinner Waistline

Do you want a natural way to speed up your metabolism and reduce your body weight, try to use some of these spices because scientists in many studies confirm that beneficial effect on our health and help us to keep a slim figure.


It is spices the best known for its medicinal properties, but ginger is excellent for weight loss. It contains the capsaicin molecule from red peppers why she is better taste, and metabolism. You can add ginger in the tea, sauce, salad or various sauces and because of ingredients for longer you will feel a sieve. So this is another advantage if you want to lose weight.

Ginger, spices


One of the most common and most popular spices it is certainly parsley. Needless to mention that it can all be used because it is more important to use it as often as possible, since the Malaysian scientists found that it is excellent for boosting your metabolism and liver cleansing of fat and harmful things.


Garlic is a natural remedy whose power is so great that it is a great ally in the prevention of several types of cancers, but it helps when you want to the prior art. One study in Korea showed the example of mice that garlic affects weight loss.


Although recent studies have shown that the scient of rosemary greatally in the fight against dementia, it can also help to keep lean lines.”British Journal of Nutrition” writes acid from rosemary can prevent weight gain and at same time slows acceleration of blood glucose during the night, while we do not eat. Another study, conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois showed that rosemary (with extracts of Greek and Mexican oregano)contains more polyphenols and flavonoids compounds from other plants and herbs, which is important in diabetes type 2. Add the rosemary in the egg, chicken, lamb and other dishes, and use it with olive oil.


In the last 20 years made many studies that show that the main ingredient of turmeric – curcumin – very good for the prevention of many diseases or treatment of some conditions. Because of this ingredient is also a strong antioxidant and speed up the metabolism. Turmeric can be used in marinades and sauces or, for example, placed directly on the chicken.

tumeric, spices


If you want to lose weight in the diet should enter chili peppers. Scientists say they just speed up the metabolism and enhance fat burning. Do these are the conclusions of scientists came after research on the impact of chili peppers on food. It has been observed that people who regularly consumed peppers have slimmer line. The same effect also had some kind of mild peppers, but spicy enough.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper, Capsicum annuum Latin name, for centuries used as a spice, but a cure. In fact, when you consume and prodding the body to use more energy and oxygen and thus wasting pounds. One study showed that subjects had a lower desire for food, especially fatty, sugary and salty. So, ideal if you want to lose weight. Cayenne (grinded) pepper can easily put in many dishes.

cayenne pepper, spaces

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