Why Mediterraneans Live Longer

A typical Mediterranean meal – what to eat every day – consisting primarily of bread, pasta, polenta, cereals and potatoes, and fruits and vegetables, beans and other legumes, nuts; This is followed by olive oil, milk and cheese and to a lesser extent. Only a few times a week to eat fish and chicken, and red meat only a few times a month.

Basic characteristics of the Mediterranean diet, which is traditional for these folks, who have hundreds of years of food in a similar way are:

  • less use of meat and meat products,
  • less use of milk and dairy products,
  • abundant use of legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables,
  • large amount of unsaturated fat (especially unrefined olive oils) and moderate use of wine.

Medical journal “New England Medical Journal” published a study conducted on a sample of 22,000 Greeks, who applied the principles of the Mediterranean diet. The researchers obtained results which showed that Greeks live longer than others. Also, the journal of the American Medical Association published a report on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. The survey was conducted on a sample of 2000 people aged between 70 and 90 years, who were followed for 11 years. The likelihood that those who adhered to a Mediterranean diet, moderate alcohol consumption did not smoke and were physically active die during the study was 50% less than usual.


All the factors are relevant. Although some researchers have attempted to cause the longevity of Mediterranean people find themselves in only one isolated factor of their diet – for example, olive oil, or wine, it seems that this phenomenon, however, can not be accessed in this way. Olive oil has entered into an extensive manual in the world, but it did not significantly affect the overall health. All the details in the Mediterranean diet are obviously important. Also, it appears that in addition to the food, there are other factors. Mediterraneans have a cheerful attitude towards life, they enjoy the food with family and friends. For them, the meal was enjoyable and relaxing, and the portions are large.

In general, the Mediterranean diet can be considered a form of food that is far healthier than the usual modern diet, along with the increasingly popular vegetarian food and macrobiotics.

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