The effect of the protein on the body

How proteins affect healthy body? written by: laliho
Unlike storage depot for carbohydrate and fat, our body doesn’t have storage space for proteins. We take as much protein as our body can handle. Amino acids in our body get transformed in to protein in our body.

The effect of the protein on the body

Function of proteins

Protein is responsible for building and repairing health. Organs, skins, muscles, bones, nails, hair, and some hormones contain some amount of proteins. For proper functioning of your body you need some amount of protein.

The effect of the protein on the body

For some of the sedentary parts, athletes need proteins but to some extent. When excess amount of protein is consumed by our body, ammonia is formed in an excess amount. The excess amount of ammonia can’t be eliminated by our body through protein. When you can’t eliminate ammonia through urine, you tend to sweat more often. Ammonia comes out of your body through sweat. Your body smells like ammonia. Healthy body tends to manage the excess amount of ammonia formed in our body. The protective mechanism helps in building a protective system in our body.

Protein helps in losing fat for a healthy body

Muscle maintenance

When you go on a diet, your body becomes calorie deficient. Without proper supply of calorie i.e. energy, your body tends to utilize the stored fat in your body to derive energy for various functions. When you take protein as your diet, the fat in your body gets burnt keeping your muscles intact.

The effect of the protein on the body


Protein plays the role of satiation agent for keeping you full always. You are able to control your hunger. You are able to curb your appetite. When you are on the verge of losing fat from your body, protein works as the best agent.

Burning calories

Protein has the highest thermic effects. When all foods get digested, the calories get burned through digestive process. Some nutrients need more calories to be burnt and some require less. Proteins require more calories to be burnt. When you consume proteins in excess amount, you tend to burn more calories through natural processes.

Effect of protein on kidney

High protein diet has negligible effect on kidneys. Most of the people consuming huge amount of protein hardly suffer from kidney failure. Unfortunately if your kidneys get impaired, you may not be able to filter out the urea through your urine. A low-protein diet can help your damaged kidneys to function in a better way.


Effect of proteins on your bones

High protein content in your body can contribute to the cause of osteoporosis. Excess amount of protein increases acid in your body. The acid neutralizes the calcium in your bones. These are only theories. With excess amount of protein consumption, the health of your bone remains in good condition.

How much protein is perfect for your body?

Your body maintains the tissue breaking process constantly. When your body requires some amount of protein you tend to feel the sickness and at times you tend to become agile more than in normal condition. You can consume protein a little more the required amounts. But you shouldn’t consume excess protein. It may cause unnatural conditions for you. A healthy body can handle protein up to 200 grams a day.


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