Caffeine is good for you

More of a basic necessity than a want is how the majority of people in the world perceive a good warm cup of coffee. Whether you like it night-black or with a good whisk of milk or cream, you still admit to be totally under the spell of the brewing-coffee aroma. Is the relaxing effect that comes along with a coffee mug just a diversion to hide its true potential and effects?


The greatest source of antioxidants

As mythical as it may sound, coffee is the number one used antioxidant all over the world due to its high caffeine concentration. Clumsy report it may sound considering the much appreciated antioxidant properties that come along with fruits. This however is ruled off by the simple notion that has been proved by nutritionists all over that the human body absorbs most of its antioxidants from coffee.

The friendly buddy to your liver

Liver cirrhosis which is an autoimmune disease that is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol is slowed down by caffeine. Studies have unfolded that coffee holds some protective properties that safeguard you from the tenacious claws of liver cirrhosis. On the same note, coffee prevents you from developing the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A hugely chronic disease is contained from affecting your liver by simply two or three cups of coffee in a day.


In women, it reduces the chances of contracting skin cancer

A fascinating research that was performed at Harvard Medical School showed that over a prolonged use of caffeine the women who did this had slimmer chances of contracting skin cancer than those who do not. This is due to the polyphenols that are constituents in caffeine that are scientifically proven to possess anticarcinogenic properties.

Friendly to the heart

The polyphenols that are found in coffee are also found to be efficient in controlling inflammation to the heart which later on cause arterial damage and hence some fatal diseases such as heart failure.


Caffeine lowers the probability of contracting type-two diabetes

Due to the fact that caffeine helps in the production of insulin, it activates the insulin producing cells to be always at work with each cup of coffee taken. This enables proper and efficient control of blood sugar levels. This coupled up with the factors that; caffeine is good at preventing tissue damage that arises from inflammation; this is due to the fact that caffeine decreases the sensitivity to which muscle cells react to insulin.

Enhances performance of the body

Due to the fact that caffeine triggers the neurotransmission system so as to work at 101%, it enables the body muscles to be more enduring against fatigue while enhancing on muscle contraction and the amount of fatty acids.


Serves as an antidepressant

Due to the relaxing effects that are said to be in coffee, it is logical to come up with a notion that caffeine is responsible for inducing tranquility in the mind. This is further proven beyond reasonable by researchers who have found out that caffeine activates the neurotransmitters that are connected to moods and brain function in reaction towards stress.

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